12/27 Walleye wonderland

It was another great day for the crew on the Fishers Catch Outfitters boat. It started with a lot of fog and a little iffy to even head out. The crew wanted to hit it though. With a new small cold front moving in and the pressure showing great fishing. We set out in the fog bank roiling slow down river to and area we have been picking up a few fish. Jigging 50-55 feet of water at our fist stop the fish did not seem to want to play. We were marking fish but just could not get them to fire. We moved a little further down and found another section of deep water and began to jig. It produced 3-4 fish on the first drift through, so we made a few more passes, each drift producing fish. We managed to get the fish we were looking for with bucketing a boat limit of 25 and letting a few go. Looking for a 26″ picture fish we set out pulling cranks, nor success…With no limit on walleye on the Columbia river, we here at FCO limit the boat to 8-10 fish pre angler and release any fish over 24″. If you are looking to get out on a fishing adventure for Walleye, Salmon, Sturgeon of Steelhead give us a call here at Fishers Catch Outfitters 509.727.7137.