Steelhead Fishing Guide on Columbia River & Snake River

While Steelhead have several runs, Fishers Catch Outfitters primarily fish the Winter fishery that occurs from October to March. With the Fall Salmon run in the Hanford Reach also starting in October it takes a diehard Steelheader to fish the high flying fish in October. We focus our fishing efforts on two primary areas. The Hanford Reach/Ringold with the last free flowing stretch of the Columbia river, known for a great number of hatchery fish and the McNary Dam area located on the border of Washington and Oregon. Both fishery’s bring the opportunity to catch a number of fish using many different techniques. Be sure to Book your trip now before all the best dates are gone!

Steelhead and Rainbow Trout are the same species of fish, but as soon as Rainbow Trout cross into the Pacific Ocean they are then classified as Steelhead.  A diet high in squid and smaller fish allows these normally small fish to skyrocket in size to averaging over 10 pounds and often fish are caught over 15 pounds.  There are three main runs of Steelhead on the Columbia River and follow the same patterns as King Salmon.  However, during the summer months is when we get the largest concentration of Steelhead.  While King Salmon can only make the migration once before dying, Steelhead are able to make the migration several times and this has allowed the population to begin rebounding after years of overfishing.  We want to see the native population of Steelhead to continue to rebound so that our children can enjoy the sight of a wild Steelhead soaring out of the water.

Hatchery raised Steelhead are doing very well in the Columbia River and after spending sever years in the Pacific Ocean are far and excellent eating! Currently, in Washington the regulation is that only 2 hatchery raised Steelhead can be kept per day and all wild fish must be returned.

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While Steelhead have several runs we primarily fish the fall run that occurs from November to March.

Tri- Cities Area Trips:

A Washington Fishing license and Salmon/Steelhead Catch Record Card are required. Must have both items  in your possession while fishing.

Hell’s Canyon Trips:

A Idaho or Washington Fishing license and Salmon/Steelhead Catch Record Card are required. Must have both items  in your possession while fishing.

  • We provide water but feel free to bring any food or drinks.  We kindly ask that you not bring fried chicken or other greasy food since the bite can come at any time and you may have greasy hands.  We also ask that if you bring other beverages to bring cans or plastic only so that glass does not break.
  • The weather on the boat can be very unpredictable.  We suggest bring rain gear.
  • During the winter it does get cold on the water so please bring layers, gloves, and hand/foot warmers.
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Cooler for your catch

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