Walleye Fishing Guide on Columbia River & Snake River

There are monster Walleye living in the Columbia River near Tri-Cities and it has become one of the best known monster walleye areas in the country.  Potentially a new world record is just a cast away.  The current Washington Walleye state record was caught in the Tri-Cities on the Columbia River at an amazing weight of 20.32 pounds in 2014 .  This is only 5 pounds short of the world record Walleye caught in Tennessee in the 1960’s.

Fishers Catch Outfitters specialized in going after world class Walleye!  Without giving away too many secrets the Giant Walleye are voracious predators that strike hard and fast as they stalk the deep sections of the Columbia River for baitfish and Salmon/Steelhead Fry.  We often work the 20-30 foot depth flats and depending on the season have several holes surrounding the dams that constantly produce great Walleye.

McNary Dam on the Columbia River is one of the top Walleye fishing locations in the world.  Before the dam was built there were numerous rocky out coves and islands that have now become submerged and provide the perfect structures for monster Walleye to stalk prey.  Knowing where these islands were located and targeting specific runs that contain additional structure for baitfish allows for the larger Walleye to be targeted!  Our years of experience and hours on the water are essential if you are considering going after these elusive predators. We have a day and boat available for your fishing adventure.

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The Walleye fishing season is year round!!

A Washington Fishing license is required to fish for Walleye.

  • We provide water but feel free to bring any food or drinks.  We kindly ask that you not bring fried chicken or other greasy food since the bite can come at any time and you may have greasy hands.  We also ask that if you bring other beverages to bring cans or plastic only so that glass does not break.
  • The weather on the boat can be very unpredictable.  We suggest bring rain gear.
  • During the winter it does get cold on the water so please bring layers, gloves, and hand/foot warmers.
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Cooler for your catch

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