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Fishers Catch Outfitters Fishing Report

9.13.2020 Columbia River Fall Salmon

It was a day to remember with Jayden landing his very first fall salmon. Jayden managed to get the third fish that he had on line to the boat. It was a long day for fishing but we managed to get it done. No pictures were taken as the day was a stress ball and fish came late. We did manage to get Jayden's fish pictured! Some days it is not about the amount of fish you manage to bring to the boat but the one fish that means so much. What a great day and the smile says it all. It was a hydrant kind of day!  

9.12.2020 Fall Salmon

Today the Fishers catch Outfitters crew got to spend the day with the winners of the Obrien Construction N95 mask donation contest. We fished the Ringgold area today pulling super baits and managed to put some nice fish in the boat. Still a little early for big numbers but the fish wanted to paly we had 8 fish on today and managed to let most of them get away. It was a fun day with a fun group!

September 11th, 2020

September 11th a day that will forever be etched in many minds of Americans! All of us here honor and pray for all front line responders and workers. Today we set out on the Columbia River in in search of some Fall Columbia river Salmon. We may have stumbled upon a few. With the weather beautiful and the memories of September 11th being talked about the rods were bending. The day was not a disappointment with some big nooks wanting to play Mark and Ron had a limit of fish by 11 am with the big one going almost 30 lbs. What a great morning of fishing on the Columbia River. Get on the books now for your 20201 fall chinook Columbia river salmon season.

Salmon Fishing the Reach 9.6.2020

With a couple days of great sturgeon fishing done. We had an open day with the family and Ron to go for our first outing for fall salmon up in the reach. With our fall salmon season getting ready to start we went on a search to see if we could put a couple in the box. The day did not disappoint. We managed to put 5 nice fish to the boat and lost one other. With the Columbia River counts looking decent for this upcoming season we are looking forward to a great fishery. We are currently 100% booked full for the 2020 season so now is the time to get on the books for 2021. Give us a call if you are looking to get on the books.

Sturgeon Catch and Release 9.5.2020

Wow, what a day we had on the Fishers Catch Outfitters sled chasing Columbia River Sturgeon. The morning started a little slow for us. We went into the same area we managed to catch 15 the day before. The first take and only take we had in that are was a fish that went about 7 feet. It took the bait and ran down river, we got Josh on the rod and about 5 minutes into the fight the big fish decided to jump, and with that managed to throw the hook. So now all we have to talk about is the one that got away. We stayed in the area of a bit longer with no additional hook ups. We bounced around to a couple different spots and managed to land on a group of fish that wanted to play. We hooked up and landing 10 fish in that area. It slowed down dramatically [...]

September Sturgeon 9/4

The Fishers Catch Outfitters crew set out in search of some Columbia River Sturgeon. We took a couple day break from salmon while they continue to move up river. It was a day of fun on the water with Chip and Ron as they have never caught a sturgeon, and this day put an end to that. We set the anchor at around 7 am  and by 7:30 we had our first fish on the line. It was continued bites and fun until 11am. We managed to catch and release 15 Columbia river sturgeon. I think Chip and Ron may have been a little wore out, ha,ha. Lots of doubles and plenty of action for all. The fish liked the presentation of Salmon belly and Squid. Time to get out on the water and make some great family memories. Give us a call here at FCO if you are looking for some time on the [...]

Upper Columbia last day 8.29

It was a good season for the upper Columbia. It is always a great place to fish. The fish play and the scenery is great. We finished the upper Columbia fishery today and managed to get some quality fish in the box. We did not capitalize on all the take downs as we lost four fish. All in all a great season and fun fishing! Now off to the Hanford Reach for some fall fishing.  

Upper Columbia Grind 8.28

It was a day of grinding for the Fishers Catch Outfitters crew. Seems we have been in a little bit of a slump trying to put fish on the boat. We managed to get a couple fish today. We are grateful for the fish we got and look to another day of great fishing. Not always are you the dog, somedays you are the hydrant.  

Day two on the Ocean for the Fishers Catch Outfitters team. What a great weekend spent with "the Legend and some great friends. Today we set out to try and fill the Sea Breeze boat with Halibut! The day was a little rough but the fishing was decent we managed to get the boat its limit of halibut and both miles and I came home with some great fish. It was a great time and a much needed relaxing weekend. Now back to the upper Columbia for some more summer early fall salmon fishing. All this fishing was done out of Ilwaco Washington.

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