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Fishers Catch Outfitters Fishing Report

Last Day of May for a Walleye Slay

With the month of May coming to an end we here at Fishers Catch Outfitters wanted to get out and get after some Columbia River Walley. With storms moving in across the region we had to reschedule clients. But that did not stop us from sneaking out for a few hours between storms. We managed to get out and try some new areas and put a few walleye in the Fishers Catch Outfitters sled. If you are looking to get on the water and put some of these great eating fish in your freezer shoot us here at FCO a call 509-727-7137

May 29 th Walleye

With another cancelation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Fishers Catch Outfitters sled hit the water in search of some walleye. We had just gotten back from some awesome days of fishing on Lake Chelan and needed to find some walleye for tomorrows clients.  With the water rolling out of McNary dam at 530,000 CFM we decided to head down river. It took the FCO /Les Schwab boat a couple hours to find the fish we were looking for, but we found them. It was a great bit that afternoon and we manage to get 90% of our fish on jigs. With 15 in the boat and another 10 or so released we called it and early day and headed back into the dock to get ready for the next day. It was a great day, if you are looking to get out on the water and put some of these great tasting fish in [...]

May 25tth Lake Chelan Kokanee fishing

It is a beautiful Memorial Day  today, we would first like to thank all the service men and women that have given so much so we could have the freedoms we do to do what we love. We Salute you! the weather is good and the fishing is great. With a day of short travel ahead of us we set out early this morning to fish out last day on the lake for Kokanee. It didn't take long for the Fishers Catch Outfitters crew to get on the fish. It took just over and hour for the boat to limit with the 30 fish we were in search of. It was a quick morning and a great trip to the lake. If you are looking to get out on the water and have a fishing adventure of your own, shoot us here at FCO a call 509-727-7137.

May 24th Kokanee on Chelan

Day number three on Lake Chelan, what a great morning. The weather has been perfect for a trip to the lake to fish these great eating Kokanee. With 2 days in the books and the cooler getting some great fish stocked up in it. The "legend" and I set out this morning to get the 20 fish limit we were allowed. It didn't take long at all as the kokanee wanted to play this morning. With a quick limit of 20 for Mile and I, Angel decided to come down to the launch and jump on as the fishing was good. We set out for 10 more of these great fish and we did not disappoint it was fast and furious. We spent the rest of the day on the lake taking in some of the great scenery and  quality time together. If you are looking to get out on the water for a fishing [...]

May 23 Lake Chelan Kokanee

With the fist evening on the books. We set out this morning in search of our 30 Kokanee. It didn't take the Fishers Catch Outfitters Crew to find the fish this morning. The Legend and good buddy Jeff were putting fish in the boat at a rapid pace, the we went on a losing streak with them little critters getting off before we could get them in the net. We ended us getting the job done by 10am, all in all a great morning. If you are looking to get on the water and do some fishing give us a call here at FCO 509-727-7137

May 22 Lake Chelan

The fishers Catch Outfitters crew headed to Lake Chelan for the weekend. We set out to stock up on Kokanee for the canner. We started with and evening run as we just got to town in search of 30 fish for out limit. We fell a little short as it got dark on us, but learned some much needed information to put the Kokanee we were looking for in the boat!! We ended the evening with a fish count of 23 and an awesome meal at the end.

Day three with Montana Bob May 17th

Another great day on the Columbia River with Montana Bob chasing Walleye. We had to start a little early today as we were expecting some weather to roll in on us around 2pm. With the fishing being tougher this time of year we fished hard for three days and managed to send Bob back to Montana with some great Columbia River groceries.  

May 16th with Montana Bob

It was another great day on the water with Bob from Montana, it is the second day for us to chase the great Columbia River Walleye. Today produced a few more quality fish. We have been boating lots of fish but they have been on the small size. The Fishers Catch Outfitters crew ran to several spots on the Columbia River in search of these awesome eating fish. If you are wanting to get out on the water today in search of these great fish give us a call here at FCO 509-727-7137.

May 15th Walleye BACK ON THE WATER!!

We have started our guiding services back up and started chasing walleye again. we are looking forward to being back on the water this 2020 season and putting some great fish in the Fishers Catch Outfitters sled. Today we set out with a great returning client form Montana in search of the great eating Columbia River Walleye!! It was a great first day back on the water, it was a little slower that what we would have liked but managed to find some great fish and have a great time with good weather. We will see what tomorrow brings!! The fishing will continue to pick up and get better as the fish come out of their post spawn.

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