Sturgeon Fishing Guide on Columbia River & Snake River

The Columbia River forms the boarder between Washington and Oregon.  With an estimated 2 million Sturgeon living in the Columbia River this has become one of the top Sturgeon fishing destinations in the world.  As the Columbia River passes through the towns of Richland, Kennewick, Pasco, and Umatilla there are a series of Dams and Locks that Sturgeon congregate and quickly grow in size year round.  The deep water and sheer cliffs create the perfect channels for large Sturgeon to feed and it is not uncommon to hook into a monster Sturgeon.  Sturgeon can grow to over 19 feet and 1,800 pounds.

Sturgeon are prehistoric looking fish with armor plates called scutes and an incredible sense of smell.  Not much has changed from the Sturgeon’s appearance since dinosaurs roamed the earth.  Fishing for elusive Sturgeon is one of Captain Tony’s favorite fishing trips and his years of knowledge and countless hours on the water, are essential for putting his clients onto drag ripping fishing trips.

In the middle section of the Columbia River the population of Sturgeon has continued to grow over the past 10 years!  This is one of Washington’s premier sports fisheries and Fisher’s Catch Outfitters is dedicated to the increased conservation by working to improve water conditions and maintaining catch and release techniques for breeding fish.  As the Sturgeon population has continued to grow, Washington State has now opened slot fishing regulations from January to July for a specific quota of non-breeding juvenile Sturgeon.

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Sturgeon Fishing is year round in our section of the Columbia River!

We are very excited by the continued improvements in the population of Sturgeon in the Columbia River.  Washington has now created a slot limit size for keeping younger non-reproducing Sturgeon.  In each section of the river slot limits are different and maximum catch quotas are calculated.  Depending on the fishing section the maximum number of fish can be as low as 105 total fish before the slot season is closed.  This means that keeping slot sized Sturgeon can last for several months or can be reached much sooner.

A Washington Fishing license with Sturgeon Catch Record Card is required to fish for Sturgeon.  Without both items being in your possession while on the boat you will be unable to even touch a fishing rod!

  • We provide water but feel free to bring any food or drinks.  We kindly ask that you not bring fried chicken or other greasy food since the bite can come at any time and you may have greasy hands.  We also ask that if you bring other beverages to bring cans or plastic only so that glass does not break.
  • The weather on the boat can be very unpredictable.  We suggest bring rain gear.
  • During the winter it does get cold on the water so please bring layers, gloves, and hand/foot warmers.
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Cooler for your catch

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