Hailey’s First Deer Hunt 12.28.2017

It has been a long time coming for this young lady. Hailey’s first hunt was when she was 5, it was a cold day of goose hunting. After that experience I thought she would never want to hunt again. Not because the weather, but because the geese were never going to be able to “fly away again”. I though, well way to go dad, you may have just ruined this one! Then 13 years latter she cam to me and said dad, I would like to harvest a deer. I let it go for a year and waited to see if she would bring it up again, and well she did! So with the help of a friend and a late season deprivation tag we started to put her hunt together.  It all fell together, the Journey and memories and this day will never be forgotten. We here at Fishers Catch Outfitters do not guide deer hunts, but this was such and amazing day, I thought I would share with all of you. We may have missed the big one that morning……This is not the biggest deer, but it will be the biggest deer memories for this wonderful young lady!