January 10, 2021 Texas (It snowing in Texas)

The Fishers Catch Outfitters crew is on day three of their Texas fun. With Gar checked off the list, Texas Hogs checked off the list. it is on to Texas whitetail. It was a fast morning with the deer showing up quickly. It is doe season here in Texas this time of year, se we are looking to harvest a nice doe. With the sun rising and deer in the field, Miles took his time and put a nice shot on a good health mature doe. We have truly been blessed on this trip and with this harvest.

If you are looking for a great adventure go hunt and fish Texas! IF you are wanting to get out for some Salmon, Sturgeon, steelhead or walleye on the Columbia River give us here at FCO- Fishers Catch Outfitters a call 509.727.7137