January 9th Texas

The Fishers Catch Outfitters crew is on their second day of the Texas fun. We got the Gar checked off the list yesterday and now on to Texas Hog’s today. With the night falling and no hogs in the feeder yet we have hope it is going to be just a matter of time. Around 5:30 pm we see what appears to be a hog off in the distance and sure enough it is headed out way. With patients and faith we managed to wait the hog out and he gave Miles a nice broad side shot at 75 yards, hog down. We went and drug the hog to the blind and wouldn’t you know it another came in for  dad to shoot, hog down. With Texas Hogs checked off the list tomorrow is Texas Whitetail. If you are looking for a great adventure go hunt and fish Texas! IF you are wanting to get out for some Salmon, Sturgeon, steelhead or walleye on the Columbia River give us here at FCO- Fishers Catch Outfitters a call 509.727.7137