July 25th Upper Columbia Salmon

The Upper Columbia is producing some nice fishing action. Between the Chinooks out of Bee Bee park and the Sockeye out of Brewster pool the clients on the Fishers Catch Outfitters sled are all smiles. It was a day of razzing and poking at the guys for the amount of fish lost. We managed to boat one wild chinook today and lost a couple others. With the chinook bite slowing in the afternoon we loaded up and headed to the Brewster pool to trey and get out sockeye limits. We needed 12 fish to limit the boat. With the amount of fish we lost I dint think we were going to make it happen. But the crew pulled it off even with the last fish being a little harder to get to bite. All in all a fun day on the Big C. If you are looking to get into some of this action give us a call here at FCO (509)-727-7137.