July 26th Upper Conlumbia Salmon Fishing with Montana Bob

Day number 3 with Montana Bob. Much of the same plan with starting the day searching for Kings out of Bee Bee Park, managed to get one on line but ended up breaking it off.  It was just a few minutes later that the rods went off again and Bob was in the fight. Within a few minutes Bob had a nice summer chinook on the deck. It was just a few minutes latter the rod buried  and Bob gave it a tug and the fish tugged back pulling Bob to the floor. It wasn’t much after that the fish escaped the doom of the fish bonk! We managed to get a couple more nice rips that didn’t stick so off to the sockeye grounds we go. If you are looking to get out on the upper Columbia and get into some of this great action, give us a call here at FCO (509)-727-7137.