July 9th was HOT

Today was one HOT day and I am talking about the fishing. With a 3 generation group on the Les Schwab boat we set out get some first taken care of. None of the guys on the Fishers Catch Outfitters sled have ever caught a walleye or a sturgeon. SO we started the day pulling plugs looking for Columbia river Walleye and we were not disappointed, we managed to plug and jig up 14 nice walleye and all the guys in the boat got one on plugs and jigging!! Goal number 1 achieved. Now on to the Columbia River Sturgeon, with the temperature heating up close to 100 and no breeze to speak of  it was hot. We had an hour and a half to get three sturgeon hooked up and too the boat for CPR (catch, picture and release). Well with just a few minutes left to spare we manage to get the last of the 3 on a nice fish and goal 2 achieved!! What a great day and a lot of fun. Bent Rods and Tight Lines my Friends!!