Miles got his Giant! 1/19/19

The Fishers Catch Outfitters crew set out for another night of Walleye fishing, After the great fishing the night before we decided to hit it again! The night never failed us. We started the night pulling crank baits and we ended the night doing the same thing. With a 7:30 pm bite we managed to put our first fish to the Les Schwab boat. It was a nice make walleye coming in about 5 lbs, we continued our oull and managed to boat another nice male walleye about the same size. With the clouds beginning to thin and the moon getting brighter we had hopes of getting a 10 lb plus fish to the boat that night. Miles wanted to get a 10 plus  fish. We continued to pull cranks and landed another nice fish.. With the night coming up on about 9;15, Miles rod rolls over and the tip of hi Fox River Rod hits the water, fish, fish, fish he lets out. With a fish on and him telling us is a good one guys, we all cant wait to see if its his 10 pound fish he was wanting…………. as the giant gets close we se it coming from the dark water and yes it is not only the 10 pound fish he wanted it is a GIANT………..It measured in the bout out at 35.5 inches and 15.9 pounds!! It was an exciting and blessed evening on the Columbia River. We are grateful for the opportunity to catch this fish and will be grateful to catch her again one day as she and all the other fish were released. Go after your Giants!!!