November 15 Walleye & Sturgeon combo

It was a walleye and sturgeon day for the crew that joined us today on the water.  We set out in the morning to jig up some walleye for some fresh fish tacos for the crew. I got to hit the water Friday and do a little pre fishing for this day and needless to say I found some nice eater walleye that wanted to play. We managed to jig up a dozen walleye before the  wind decided to put us to pulling cranks. It wasn’t a bad thing though as we managed a couple nice fish for the box and a 28″ hen for a picture and release.  With 15 walleye in the box we set our sites in some catch and release sturgeon. With the wind coming up pretty strong it was a great time to get on anchor and hang out for the bite. We managed to get 4 nice sturgeon before heading in. No big ones today. It is time to get in on some good early winter walleye and catch and release sturgeon action. Give us a call to get in on some if you are wanting to get in on some of this great action.