SEPT 12th Fall Salmon

Started the morning down low on the river. We had a nice first pass with the landing of a nice Coho Salmon, fist Coho of the year. Second pass produced another solid rip that we just did not get in time before the fish decided to let go. After a couple more passes the Fishers Catch Outfitters / Les Schwab boat headed up river to fish another stretch of the Columbia River. With no success at the second or third spot we took off and headed for the infamous Ringold Area up in the Hanford Reach. With several passes through the 31 hole and no success we headed back down river. Making a stop in 300 / self landing area. With the Velocity Rods only in the water a minute or two we get one to bend over with a nice Columbia River fall Chinook, welcome aboard nook! Tony and I finished the day with smiles bent rods and tight lines!!