Walleye fishing the Columbia River 04/06/2023

Who would have known that getting on the water early with this group, many that have never even walleye fished before would prove to be so awesome. We set out early in search of the good early morning bite. It was a good thing we did with the first fish on the line was the first ever walleye for Ed at the young age of 84. I would have waited 84 years for this fish too. The first fish of the mooning was a 31.5′ 13.7 pound trophy walleye. Days just don’t get any better than this! We did not stop there we managed many other big fish and a good amount of eaters for the boys. If is could have every trip just like this i would take it! Here are some pictures of todays time fishing walleye on the Columbia river. If you are looking to Columbia River walleye fishing, get in on booking now for spring and summer of 2023 and January thru August  for 2024. Contact us here at FCO Fishers Catch Outfitters at 509.727.7137. We look forward to fishing with you soon.