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Fishers Catch Outfitters Fishing Report

September 21, 2019

The Fishers Catch Outfitters crew ha an open day. The clients for the day decided to reschedule, so what do we do on a day off? Well, we go fishing.  We started the day fishing in town and it proved to pay off with a couple nice adults fish and a bonus jack. All in all a good morning for Mils and I on the water doing what it is we love to do! Bent Rods and Tight lines all!!  

It was a day down river on the water with FlatOut Fishing. The Fishers Catch Outfitters crew joined up with Team FlatOut for a day of fishing one the Columbia river. With the bit slow in Tr-Cites area we decided to head down river and see what we can do. Starting at the Dechutes we set out for the Columbia River Fall Chinook. We were not disappointing with a fish smashing the gear on the first pass. The wind was to mush for the fun so after a couple more passes we decided to head to Drano Lake and see if we could manage to put a limit of fish together.  We had several chances with 4 coming off and 4 hitting the floor. We ground out the wind and managed to get all the fish we were looking for. It was a great day on the Columbia chasing Salmon.

September 17th

The Fishers Catch Outfitters crew hooked up the Les Schwab sled to hit the water after a day of work. With the fish counts improving over McNary dam and the water temps starting to fall, we should get a rip this evening!!! With hope in the air and the "legend" and I looking for a fish this evening, it did not disappoint ! We got a rip on the first drift and put a nice fall Chinook to the boat.  The "legend" let dad have the first fish, and did not take long and he was caught back up with me. What a fun night on the water scouting with Miles. Tight Lines and Fish on!!

September 25th and road trip to Clarkston

The Fishers Catch Outfitters Crew decided to head to the confluence to see if they could put some Snake River fish in the Les Schwab boat. We managed to get on the water Saturday evening, when we pulled into town for a little evening run. It produced some rips and we lost a couple fish but none made it into the net. We set out the next morning for a couple hours to find some biters. We managed a couple nice fish, before taking off up the canyon to go check out the new lodge. The Hell Bent River Charters crew has hooked us up, some winter steelheading could be in order this year!!!

Saturday September 14th

The FCO team got out on the water in search of some Fall Salmon. The fishing has been a little tough for us here in Tri_cites as the water temps have not drooped and the salmon don't seem to want to play. The Fishers Catch Outfitters crew fished the Columbia river here in town and managed to get one nice fall Chinook. I guess we at least didn't get skunked.

September 7th, 2019

The Fishers Catch Outfitters crew teamed up with Atomic Anglers to head up to Vernita. It was a good day on the water fishing the King Hole and bent rods were in order! With an early bite and even a nice double the fish were in the mood to play!! The wateremps have started to cool and some biters have showed up for this day.  

September 6th, 2019

The Fishers Catch Outfitters crew got back out on the water this evening for a little after work evening run. The fishing has been slow the past few trips here in Tri-Cities. The fall salmon fishery is just beginning and the fish have just started to run into the Columbia river system headed tot he reach. With water temps still in the low 70's it has been tough to find some fish. The "legend" with the Fishers Catch Outfitters crew managed to put a fall nook in the Les Schwab boat!

August 27th Sturgeon

With a break from Upper Columbia chasing Salmon the Fishers Catch Outfitters crew could not stay off the water. We set out in search of some Columbia River white sturgeon for a client out to Texas, and boy did we find some. It was a fun trip and lots of fish to be caught. We managed to boat 20 sturgeon before we ended out day. The sizes ranges from 30" to just over 6 feet. Now it time to start our fall Salmon fishing here in Tri-Cities.

August 24th 2019 Upper Columbia Salmon

It was another weekend for the Fishers  Catch Outfitters crew on the upper Columbia River. With the fall salmon season just around the corner here in Tri-Cities, we decided to do one last trip up the river. It was a tough weekend for the FCO crew and we did not get a lot of bites and list a couple fish. We managed to put a couple nice hatchery fish in the box and landed 3 nice wild fish that were released to do their thing. All in all had a great early season on the Upper Columbia and we are already looking forward to this fishery next year. Book early with the Fishers Catch Outfitters team to get in on this action next year!. Even my buddy Brad with Bobberdown was getting in on some of the salmon action!!

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