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Fishers Catch Outfitters Fishing Report

September 16 Walleye Sturgeon Combo

Had a little change in the plans with a little walleye sturgeon combo trip on the books. The crew flew in to get on some bucket list action and get a true Columbia River Giant. We set out in search of the giants and at the end of day two we hooked up to a beautiful 9 foot beast. All the guys had a little time on the reel. It was a great way to end a two day fishing adventure for the guys. Give us a call to get in on the action 509.3727.7137

September 14th Back on the Salmon Grounds

Hit the water today with good friend Kevin looking for some fall Hanford Reach Chinooks, Our Hanford Reach fall season starts tomorrow. It was not a disappointment today. Lots of fish in the system and more expected to come. Should be a great season. Now is the tome to get on the books of the Fishers Catch Outfitters for the 2022 season.  We are currently booking fall 2022 season give us a call 509.727.7137

September 11, 2021 FTB

Today is the day the Fishers Catch Outfitters crew and many other captains look forward to each and every year. This is the day we get to serve the men and women that served this great country. It is the 6th Annual FISH'N THE BRAVE event and it is one day we will all remember. It takes place in Umatilla Oregon on the Columbia River. There is a tab on this site that you can check it out yourself on. A big Thank you goes out to all our Former and Active Military. We salute you!

September 10th Walleye

With the FISH"N THE BRAVE event coming tomorrow, the Fishers Catch Outfitters crew set out with some walleye fishing with great clients. We pulled off the salmon grounds to head down to Umatilla. It was a great day on the Columbia River chasing walleye. It was slow trolling worm harnesses and Jigs above the bridge that put these fish ion the boat for these awesome clients. It is never to early to get your fishing adventure on the books. Give us a call to get out on the water and have a great time 509.727.7137

September 2nd Tuna beat down

It was a day to remember on the big pond out of Westport Washington. The FCO-Fishers Catch Outfitters team go to hit tie open ocean and head out 42 miles to the tuna ground to put some blood in the charter boat. If you haven't had the chance to get out and do a tuna trip, we highly recommend it!  

September 1 Westport out on the big pond

It was another day in search of some new fishing grounds for the Fishers Catch Outfitters team. With new adventures on the horizon we have set out to look for addition areas to fish and bring smiles to our clients face. We are looking to be in Westport for a few weeks next season running bottom fish and crab trips. If this is something you my find interest in let us know! Contact us at  509.727.7137

Westport Coast Trip August 30th

The Fishers Catch Outfitters crew took a few days off from running clients and set out to have a little fun on the big pond. With the Rock fish limits at 7 each, Lings at 2 each, and crabs 6 each it fills the fish box fills fast. The Fishers Catch Outfitters crew is thinking of running some Westport Rock and cab trips. If this is something you think you are interested in give us a call.  

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